We’re not just broadcasters.
We’re Community Broadcasters

A Perfect Team

The Jim Leven/Bruce Mittman collaboration began in the 1980’s at a Bangor, Maine radio station owned by Bruce. Since their early days together, the team’s combined skills and experience have proven to be a formula for success. In 2006, the two decided to start a broadcast company together.

Jim, a 30 year radio veteran, had owned and operated a highly profitable 15 station radio group in 5 markets in the Northeast. When the company was sold, he provided a 38% IRR to investment backers.

Bruce, who currently owns the 15th largest advertising agency in Boston, also had a 30 year radio career. He had served as successful marketing and station group manager and owner, as Vice President and General Manager for Entercom Boston, and had a long track record of success in troubleshooting and turnarounds.

Together, Jim Leven and Bruce Mittman have owned and operated over 70 radio stations. Today, as Community Broadcasters, the two radio veterans have joined forces to acquire small to mid size broadcasting companies and strategic market clusters in need of sales and programming upgrades, and to firmly establish Community Broadcasters as a radio leader in upstate New York, South Carolina and Florida.

Our Goals

We established Community Broadcasters, LLC in 2006.
Our vision was to become “a voice for the community” in smaller to mid-size markets.

To achieve this, we’ve committed ourselves to local programming in all of the markets we serve. Our focus is local news, sports and area events, not just syndicated programming.

We believe strongly in giving back to the communities we serve through community involvement, public service and charitable contribution. One of the important charities we support is the Children’s Miracle Network. To further their mission of providing free medical care for children in need, Community Broadcaster’s raises nearly $400,000 each year.

And we’re considered a good employer.

Our local stations are considered great places to work and develop skills. Our technology is state-of-the-art. The environment is creative and professional. And we believe in rewarding employee performance. Our key local managers, for example, are rewarded for top performance with equity participation.

We’re not just broadcasters. We’re Community Broadcasters – with the emphasis on “COMMUNITY”.